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What can you expect from me in the near future?

2009-07-09 05:28:50 by gameover89

Well I'll tell you. I have a few projects in the works. My first idea came to me a while back, however, I haven't made progress on it since I thought of the idea. The idea is this: Have you ever seen that episode of Twilight Zone where all the guy wants to do is read his books but everyone keeps pestering him? Then he gets locked up in a safe and then the nuclear holocaust happens and he's the only one left alive because he was locked in the safe. But then just as he goes to read his book because "There was time now," his glasses falls off his face and breaks. Now he can't read. Well I thought of something similar. It's basically that story revamped for the 21st century. Instead of books, the guy wants to play his X-Box 360 and can't because there's too much to do; work, family... work. Then the same thing happens to him where he is locked in a vault and then the nuclear holocaust happens. But when he goes to play his 360, he gets the red ring of death.

My next idea is a music video that's animated. The song is by Evanescence and it's called Whisper 2002. As I was walking down the road listening to this song, I imagined someone running away from somebody and getting to the edge of a building and turning around and falling backwards. So I decided that I would make an animation of it.

My next idea is a video game sprite animation. It's Mario vs. Sonic. What? You say that's been done before? Well this one is them racing. Hmm? You say that's been done too? Shhh. Well mine is different because they never get to the finish line because Bowser and Eggman has teamed up and kidnapped Princess Peach and Tails. Sonic and Mario must work together to save their friends. What will happen? Hell if I know, I haven't gotten that far yet.

My next idea is, I think, the greatest idea out of all of them. TIME GUY! This guy falls asleep on the couch and he dreams that this angel has granted him time warping abilities; to Slow down time around him, pause time around him, and rewind time around him (the abilities won't effect him but rather everything else around him). Well he wakes up and he didn't think anything by this dream... after all it was just a dream right? Well, he flips on the light and puts on the television. What's on is the news or some program of that sort and goes to get a drink. As he is carrying the drink back to his couch, he accidentally drops it and tries to catch it. Just then, the drink stopped moving. He then realizes this dream of his comes true. As he realizes this, the drink continued to fall and breaks. He then realizes that each of his abilities has a certain amount of time that said ability can be used.

So as you can read, I have a busy schedule trying to get all of these completed. Look for Time Guy first because that's most likely to be done first.


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2009-07-09 06:46:52

Time Guy sounds pretty ambitious, I look forward to seeing these projects. The idea of doing parodies of Twilight Zone episodes could also have a lot of mileage in it.

Best of luck with your work.



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